ZOO Lohberg

"Look into my eyes" You will be welcomed under this motto in the fascinating destination in Lohberg. As the only zoo in the Upper Palatinate, the ZOO has had more than 2 million excited visitors since its opening.
In 2014, we celebrated our 25th anniversary.
You can experience the local wildlife of the Bavarian-Bohemian border area with more than 400 animals in 100 species here and you can learn about the way of life of animals and the tasks of the institution such as species protection, breeding and research on the well walkable trail.
The offer includes a large wolf enclosure, aquariums, bird aviaries, nature trails, a petting zoo and a children's playground.

Churpfalzpark Loifling

Whether you are a child or an adult, you will have plenty of fun, excitement and relaxation here. There is a lot of joy, you can remember great experience with the whole family later - whether looking at the photos with the scared, laughing and surprised faces of all family members, or remembering the adrenaline attractions that both parents and grandparents can enjoy without being sick.
The balance between the flower and garden show on the one hand, as an experience and fun on the other. The ever-increasing number of visitors gives evidence of the high attractiveness of the park.
For visitors from the Czech Republic, there is a convenient proximity to the borders of the Czech Republic with Germany.


The dragon from Germany's oldest folk play, the "Further Drachenstich" gave its name to the state flood reservoir, which was created in 2009. The beautiful scenery around the 175-hectare- dam-area of the Chamb River is a paradise for recreation seekers and nature explorers.


Take a stroll at a height of 8-25 meters above the forest floor through the virgin forest enjoying the unique outlook. With an overall length of 1,300 meters, the treetop walk in the Bavarian Forest is among the longest of its kind worldwide. For adventuresome visitors there are fun stops with rope bridges, swinging bridges, trapezes and balancing beams. Experience the boundless forest wilderness of the Bavarian Forest National Park from a new perspective.

Tree top path

You learn the forest from an entirely new perspective. You walk at a height up to 30 m on a comfortable wooden pathway which is perfect for prams and wheelchairs as well.

The house upside down

The optical illusions are multiplied in the house upside down and you will be even part of them. It´s really crazy: In this house, which indeed stands on its roof, everything is totally twisted. In addition, it´s tilted sideways and forwards and confuses our perception pretty hard. A unique perspective – you have to experience it. Like a fly on the ceiling. Just walk in…

Grosser Aber mountain

Being 1,456 metres high, the Großer Arber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian-Bohemian mountain range and has been called the ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’. The Großer Arber and the forests up to Bayerisch Eisenstein town are property of the prince house of Hohenzollern.

Wilderness garden – Furth im Wald

Miniature golf in Viechtach

Dragon Museum